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Dec 3, 2012 12:00am EST
else you have in the jewelry box these are mined in america and made in america.these are hsn excludes so, they sparkle and the reason why they are nickname is herkimer diamond but its herkimer quartz. there nicknamed herkimer diamond because the way sparkle and the fire and light you get from the stones. >>guest: you've seen before ladies'. >>host: they are very and very rare and a holy moly two dozen pairs are gone. >>guest: ladies' at this time something i have had responses i have been so excited because people have opened a box of herkimer and gassed. the tv is not doing them just as even though the tv is phenomenal in person they carry this mystical sparkle i can't even explain it. >>host: these hearings we did have them at one time but they sold out literally in 30 seconds. beijing gear reviewed on hsn neck, and wordperfect 5 starlet 24 reduce and 23 of work perfect 5 out of 5 stars. >>guest: the thing is you do not feel and i mean this at you do not feel them and and this time around we included the stoppers employees use them because they will fallout. my mom almost l
Dec 8, 2012 9:00am EST
if america reduced its international role. for an extended linked to various publications, 2012 notable books elections visit booktv's website or our facebook page, >> up next, author, dr. and u.s. senator tom coburn, acclaimed author of breach of trust, talks about long-term deficit reduction, health care, the future of the republican party and more. .. >> guest: that he could not raise the adequate amount of wheat that he wanted to. because the government had decided they were going to control wheat plantings. and so what he said was, okay, then i can raise wheat for my chickens. and he took it all the way to the supreme court and lost that battle. >> host: why do you recount that story in "the debt bomb"? >> guest: because it's a great example on the enumerated powers and the unwinding -- why do we find ourself in the place we're in now? how'd we get here, what do by -- we do about it, and what are the ramifications? the greatest way for the government to make something expensive is for the government to make it affordable. and all you have to
Dec 2, 2012 12:00pm EST
this configuration anyplace else in america it is exclusive to hsn.13 when you called to order this is one of the products that we can claim will still 99% of esalmonella and 90 percent of mo's causing -- mold causing bacteria without bleach or ammonia >>guest: a lot of people cook was rocked again, not raw chicken can make you sick if you do not wash it collectively --a lot of people are cooking chicken raw chicken can make you sick if you do not wash correc-chin way with the power of steam. my devon just turned two years so she has a respiratory condition the pediatrician said not to use chemicals around her we have to plug her into oxygen at night so she can sleep.she has a hard time breathing.if you have someone in your house with special needs like i do what asthma turned to the power of steam. it is mother nature is water that comes from this guy you are done using any chemicals. is cleaned and sanitized. come over to the range. gas or not be home on the without the x5.this will get what has burned over and the baked often. look at this. >>host: for some reasons we have 1000 custo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3